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With years of experience producing events from small venues to the largest of arenas, Advanced Visual Production, Inc (AVP) has emerged as the leading technical production team for MMA, Boxing, and Ultimate Fighting style championships. Serving the East Coast from our home base in Richmond, Virginia, AVP travels to bring you the best in sound, lighting, and video production. From the opening music to the final DVD duplication, AVP provides turnkey event packages with an emphasis on seamless media integration, creative design, and hassle-free service.

With options to suit every venue and every budget, AVP merges top-of-the-line equipment, pre- and post-produced media, and a professional comprehensive staff of producers and operators to create a first-rate audience experience. We work hard to ensure the technical needs of your production are met, freeing you to work on the fight card and other promoting repsonsibilities.

Flown Lighting RigProductions start with a truss-based lighting grid, suspended from the roof of the building (when possible) to provide a big-show look to even amateur bouts. Lighting packages vary based on the size of truss, number of lights, and additional options such as moving lights, special effects, room/house lighting, and more.
Sound Systems from EV and JBLAVP covers all of your system and playback needs, including fighter entry music, ring announcers, and straight-to-DVD commentator voiceover. Suspended from the grid, speaker packages from EV and JBL provide 360 degree coverage to the bleacher-top nosebleeds as well as the front-row VIP.
Multiple screens and cameras.Customizable video packages center around a 4 camera shoot, with two ringside operators with shoulder-mounted cameras, one overhead robotic camera, and a 'long shot' on a lift or a boom. Video is recorded to DVD, and displayed on a variety of screens from 6'x8' to 15'x20'. Live graphics, overlays, subtitles, and optional Instant Replay round out the production for a professional look.
Fighter EntrywaysFrom a simple truss arch to a themed multimedia event all its own, fighter entranceways provide a high energy introduction before each bout. Hazers, moving lights, and video intros are just a few of the ways to get each fighter's fans on their feet and cheering.
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